Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Timor retrospect

I have been asked to give a talk this coming Saturday about my time in Timor and I am now just downloading pictures from my Flickr site and refreshing my memory (especially of places with exotic names). Just posting some pictures (some of them repeated on this blog) as a way to help myself prepare for the talk... (note: do bear in mind, these pics are at least 3 years old so I m not vouching to

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

tech dino recommends: edu apps for your kid

So today, we had a photo shoot with babes and mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone, PSP, etc. I wasn't there, cos I was swotting from home, cleaning up stories as a responsible editor should be doing. I called to check on the shoot and was told that there was a 4-year-old who wouldn't tear his eyes away from his iPod Touch the entire time. Scarrieeee.... But to set things in perspective. This

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tech Dino: This is why I think children's book apps rock

I went to the Book Fair at Suntec today and spotted a familiar book, "The Smelly Sprout" by Alan Plenderleith. You see, I've had the free version of this story book on my iPhone for about 5 months now. Val was not interested in it at all initially so i never bothered buying the full version. But last week, he began to become interested and has been asking to read the "Smeggy Spout" every night.


Val's approaching his 2.5 year next weekend and i think now, more than ever, it is becoming very clear how much impact we, adults, have him. He's begun to mirror our actions more obviously, and especially the way we speak, often times with great deliberation, almost like a reproach. he can imitate his teachers pretty well at school - from Teacher V's "angry" pouting expression, to the way class